The pandemic has forced nonprofits to find ways to stay viable and continue providing much-needed services to their communities. 

We can help ensure program effectiveness, work through current challenges, and continue delivering results with great impact.


what we do

Enable nonprofits to deliver high-impact programs by increasing efficiency and improving outcomes.


what drives us

  • Integrity – do the right thing
  • Commitment – to see you succeed
  • Excellence – add value to your organization
  • Results – demonstrate improvement
  • Passion – driven by the greater good

About Us


We are a consulting group dedicated to serving the nonprofit community at local, national, and international levels to advance their social, economic and humanitarian causes in the most impactful way.

We help nonprofits deliver results and drive change set by their strategic priorities. Through our work, we aim to maximize the impact that nonprofits have on the communities they serve. 

We believe that looking at an organization from a Program Management perspective, rather than a functional view, gives you a unique VANTAGE point to understand key organizational capabilities needed to effectively accomplish your mission and goals. 

We act as a trusted advisor to nonprofit executives adhering to high ethical standards (aligned with industry-recognized professional bodies) as we provide services to our clients, and deal with colleagues and the public. See our Code of Conduct here.



From our vantage point, programs are the means by which nonprofits fulfill their mission. How effective they are in delivering programs determines the impact they have on the communities they serve. We measure effectiveness in terms of:

  • Efficiency – increasing productivity of resources (people and time)
  • Cost – reducing cost by proper allocation and management of resources (people and money)
  • Risk – minimizing risk by anticipating and mitigating any risks and issues that can negatively impact a program  

Our Program Management services bring the structure, discipline, and accountability you need to improve your program effectiveness and accomplish your program’s goals with the highest impact.

Your programs should originate from, and align with your strategy. Your strategy sets your organization’s direction and priorities. Our Strategic Planning services bring frameworks, models, and methods to help you develop sound strategic plans. We ensure your programs are aligned with your strategy and directly support your strategic priorities.

Managing strategy and programs involves change in your organization. This can be relatively small where you need to adapt to your environment, or it requires you to transform in more substantive ways. Our Change Management services help move your programs forward by mobilizing people and organizations, creating awareness, gaining buy-in and support, and ensuring proper engagement with stakeholders. 

Together, these three areas – Programs, Strategy, and Change – form The Vantage Model. This model offers a unique evidence-based approach to help you excel in accomplishing your mission. Through this vantage point, as your strategic partner, we empower your organization for maximum impact.

We apply best practices in each of these areas from the private sector. The proven positive results and outcomes obtained when implementing best practices are validated by countless studies conducted over the years by well-respected institutions. For more information see “Lessons from the Private Sector” in our Insights section.

the vantage model

When Programs, Strategy, and Change are aligned and managed together, your organization will:

  • Keep focused on your mission – Align your organization around strategic priorities to keep its resources and efforts focused on what is important without deviating from your goals and targets. 
  • Make productive use of limited resources – Operate in the most efficient manner to ensure you are not wasting scarce and limited resources, and the resources you have are well organized and productive. 
  • Sustain stakeholder commitment – Embrace change to maintain your stakeholders continued commitment to your mission.  
  • Secure funding – Gain the trust and confidence from donors and grant makers by demonstrating the best use of funds, and the appropriate allocation of resources to advance your causes and achieve your goals.


what we offer

program management

Plan and deliver high-impact programs using relevant and appropriate PMI’s PMBOK practices, a world-recognized industry standard for Project/Program Management.

  • Integration Management – Ensure that the various elements of the program are properly coordinated
  • Scope Management – Ensure that the program includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the program successfully
  • Time Management – Ensure the timely completion of the program
  • Cost Management – Ensure the program is completed within budget
  • Quality Management – Ensure the program will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken
  • Human Resource Management – Make the most effective use of people involved with the program
  • Communications Management – Ensure the timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of program information
  • Risk Management – Identifying, analyzing, and responding to program risk
  • Procurement Management – Acquire the goods and services from outside the organization
  • Stakeholder Management – Identify and develop relationships with those people and organizations which are impacted by the program and which influence or determine how the team works

strategic planning

Co-create sound strategies that consider external and internal factors that affect the organization using proven-methods such as the Balanced Scorecard, Logical Framework, and others.

change management

Manage organizational change using Prosci’s ADKAR model, which represents the five tangible and concrete outcomes that people need to achieve lasting change.

process improvement

Find ways to increase work efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness, and/or diminish process errors through Lean and Six Sigma methods and techniques.

principal consultant

meet the founder

Sergio Bonadona, has built a successful career based on 20 years of business experience working in the private sector and in government. Reaching this milestone, Sergio redirected his career by bringing his knowledge, skills, and experience to the nonprofit sector. With an entrepreneurial spirit, inspired by the greater good, and a passion for helping vulnerable communities, Sergio founded PM Vantage.

As a consultant for many years, and coming from a Big Four consulting firm, he has become a trusted advisor to organizations seeking to enhance and take their work to the next level by applying best practices.

Sergio’s credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). He has earned several professional certifications including Project Management (PMP), Agile (CSM), Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt), and Change Management (Prosci).

He has lived and worked around the world including the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Bolivia. Sergio is currently based in Florida, US.